Job Description:

  • Responsible for the multidisciplinary development of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
  •  These SEM devices with a resolution of 1nm are used to detect and classify defects on silicon wafers and for metrology in the semiconductors industry
  • The job includes leading multi-disciplinary teams, providing specs for HW and SW requirements, testing new developments on the developed systems and inventing new modules and operational modes

Job Requirements:

  • Experienced B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering or physics
  • High level, multidisciplinary system understanding. Advantage for previous experience in system engineering or work with complex systems
  • Excellent communication skills; Ability to work and lead inter-disciplinary teams in the fields of electronics, mechanics, physics, optics, software and algorithms
  • Hands on work capability - operating a very complex instrument, troubleshooting problems and supporting customers
  • Ability to independently research and solve problems, planning experiments and analyzing data using Matlab
  • Innovative - ability to understand the customers' requirements and problems and translate them into new features and products

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