Senior Analog Designer

Job Description:

  • Join analog development team for high performance and challenging industrial systems
  • Development of high speed low noise modules for detection, scanning and imaging

Job Requirements:

  • Electronics Engineer Msc. Ph.D  - an advantage
  • 7 years experience in Electronics development
  • Technical expertise areas:

o   High speed very low noise amplifiers

o   High speed low noise Trans-Impedance circuits

o   Interface circuits for analog sensors/detectors (like PMT, APD, fast video cameras)

o   Experience in analog Scanners/Deflectors driving circuits (few amperes, high linearity, ..)

o   Experience in high speed low noise digitizers  circuits (A/Ds)

o   Strong theoretical skills in analog designs (Including noise calculations)

o   Experienced with analog simulations tools

o   Experience in Industrial systems (Inspection/Imaging system is an advantage)

  • Very creative person. Able to come up with original solutions
  • Good personal relations
  • Independent
  • Dedicated and high motivation

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