Planning and Control Analyst

Job Description:

  • Operational cost and Inventory analysis and ownership
  • Reflecting inventory and operational cost current status and forecasted performance to internal and corporate management
  • KPI mesurments and correlation analysis that lead operational direction setting and actions
  • Modeling inventory and cost  implications to assist decisions making in the organization - Sensitivity analysis examining different operational plans and assessing their financial implications
  • Leading projects for inventory and cost reduction activities
  • Close team work with both operational teams and financial figures

Job Requirements:

  • B.Sc In Industrial Engineering, MBA – an advantage
  • 3-7 years of Experience – Financial roll in an operationa organization / analytic roll in an operational environment, including KPI definition, measurement and control
  • Leadership skills - leading teams to cost/inventory reduction plans without managerial authority
  • Self-manageable and self-initiative capabilities 


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