Computing & Network Qualification student


Job description:

  • Ensure system performance envelope per defined applications and specifications
  • Ensure quality of computing & network systems per defined specifications
  • Develop methods and procedures for evaluation, qualification and testing of servers, computer networks, sub-systems and products
  • Analyze qualification results and recommend corrective actions and upgrades
  • Prepare work plans and documentation for qualification, testing procedures & results
  • Perform system level performance risks assessment
  • Provide recommendations for specs setting and module design
  • 2 working days a week (optional on Fridays)



  • B.SC students in Electrical Eng in their 2nd or 3rd year.
  • Experience on computing, operating system (Win/Linux) & IP networks (Switches/Routers/Network interfaces) – an advantage.
  • Systemic approach and understanding
  • System analytical capabilities
  • Risk management and quick learning capabilities
  • Team Player
  • Integrative approach

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