Computing Architect

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Plan and design computing architecture and sizing of complex systems to meet product specifications, throughput and software requirements, as part of the overall tool architecture.
  • Plan computing size for specific tasks, analyze bottlenecks throughout system components (network, storage, CPU, GPU, OS, boards, others).
  • Maintain productive dialogue with software developers, architects, algorithm engineers, IT personnel, Electronics engineers.
  • Participate in troubleshooting of complex computing issues.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of new technologies and computing architectures in the market.
  • Provide technology guidelines to computing group.
  • Assess new computing technologies and architectural directions for new products, perform and guide POCs.
  • Ability to fly to customer sites per need - up to twice/year.
  • The job includes hands-on activities.



  • Extensive experience as an distributed HPC computing architect in physical environments (Not public cloud). Advantage – image processing.
  • Deep knowledge in all computing aspects and components - Server boards, CPU, GPU, storage technologies.
  • Deep knowledge in Networking - architecture, technologies, protocols, providers.
  • Experience in planning and designing complex HPC computing systems with very high data flow rate. Preferred - experience in image processing scenarios.
  • Very good understanding and ability to perform system sizing based on spec requirements.
  • Good understanding of applicative communication protocols.
  • Software development knowledge / experience - advantage.
  • Very good complex-system understanding and troubleshooting.

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