Machine Learning Algorithm Student

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Research and development algorithms in the field of machine learning.

- Full flow of data analytics (data models, preprocessing, attribute selection, dimensionality reduction, etc.).

- Identification of suitable benchmark solutions.

- Innovative solutions, reproducing results of state-of-the-art papers.

- Implementation of solutions, analysis of results.

  • Legacy code update, bug-fixing.
  • Data and code management.




  • MSc/Ph.D. studies in Computer Sciences, Engineering (preferable Electrical), Physics, Mathematics or related field focusing on ML.
  • Knowledge in ML theory Experience in ML theory and methods – Advantage.
  • Programming skills in Matlab and Python.
  • Ability to work alone and in teams.
  • Communication skills (Hebrew, English) - Must.
  • Preferable attending the last year of courses or starting thesis (for MSc).
  • Preferable after submitting research path / accepted research topic (for Ph.D).


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