Computing Project Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Prepares project plans and drives the project from conception and planning to implementation. Will participate in the development of strategies, processes and resources.
  • Manages project schedule and task details by utilizing project management tools such as reports, tracking charts, checklist and project scheduling software.
  • Coordinates allocated resources from within the Division  to achieve on-time and within budget performance objectives for the project.  Initiates and manages purchase requisitions, and purchase orders.
  • Drives cost schedule performance of equipment for internal and external customers and vendors worldwide.
  • Participates on multifunctional design teams comprised of internal, external and/or matrixed headcount to complete projects.  Provides technical input to team members to achieve project goals.
  • Interfaces and coordinates within the division to define project objectives, provide status updates and prepare for release and deployment.
  • Provides engineering and business process expertise to team and other members on various standard programs / issues.
  • Identifies and resolves potential complications within the project and develops solutions for resolution.



  • Demonstrates depth and/or breadth of expertise in own specialized discipline or field.

Business Expertise

  • Interprets internal/external business challenges and recommends best practices to improve products, processes or services.


  • May lead functional teams or projects with moderate resource requirements, risk, and/or complexity.

Problem Solving

  • Leads others to solve complex problems; uses sophisticated analytical thought to exercise judgment and identify innovative solutions.


  • Impacts the achievement of customer, operational, project or service objectives; work is guided by functional policies.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communicates difficult concepts and negotiates with others to adopt a different point of view.


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