Experienced Motion & Control Engineer

AMAT- PDC tools do inspection and analysis of defects, in chip fabrication process.

As a significant part of these tools, wafer positioning stages are complex precision systems with high performance of accuracy, repeatability, and throughput.

Stages for atmosphere and vacuum environments.

PDC tools incorporates many other motion systems that need carful design into challenging volume and hold high motion performance characteristics.

We develop high end motion systems that drives PDC applications.

Development process includes – specifications definition, technology and vendor selection, mechanical design (with help of mechanics department), modeling and simulating, motion profiles and control design, system integration.


Position profile:

  • Experienced Motion engineer, with 5 years and more of motion/servo systems design.
  • Stage systems design experience. Familiar with motion technologies and key components – motors, bearings, sensors, controllers.
  • Strong theoretical background in motion control.
  • Modeling and simulating sub systems (model-sim and other advanced tools) behavior and motion profiles.
  • Preference to MSC in control (Electrical Engineering), and proven experience in that field.
  • Alternatively – PHD student with less practical experience.


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