Embedded/ DSP Optimization SW Engineer


Job Description:

  • Design and implementation of SW solutions in Real time Embedded  Image Processing System
  • Developing of optimized image processing APIs by utilizing efficiently the GPU/DSP/CPU micro-architecture  
  • Practical (at home or professional) experience in writing ASM/C for DSPs/MCUs at a low software level (directly interfacing to the DSP/controllers peripherals and writing interrupts, device drivers)
  • Development in high performance computing system and high data rate
  • Experience with multi-disciplinary projects in a high-tech environment
  • Development in various operating systems (Windows, Linux, DSP-OS) and various processors (X86, ARM, DSP,GPU)
  • Intensive team work along the development path with algorithm & HW teams
  • Participating in complicated & challenging HW/SW integration


Job Requirements:

  • BSc/MSe in Computer Science/Electrical Engineer or related technical discipline.
  • At least 3 years of C experience in complex real time systems - C++ is an advantage
  • Excellent system vision and understanding
  • Excellent team work and ability to lead
  • Experience in ARM/Linux or DSP – Advantage
  • Experience in DSP/ARM/MCUs/GPU Optimization (vectorization/NEON/VLIW/AVX/CUDA) - Advantage
  • Experience in Image processing or Distributed computing systems – Advantage
  • Deep Knowledge in Linux environment – Advantage  
  • Deep Knowledge in GPU optimization – Advantage

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